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Andes EcoTours | Colombia

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Experience the best of what the Northern High Andes has to offer with Andes EcoTours. From páramos to cloudforests, urban wetlands and Andean deserts, the Cundiboyacense region has everything a visitor needs to experience the natural joys of Colombia. Discover the ancient treasures left behind by the Musica people, admire Spanish colonial architecture, magnificent cathedrals and streets adorned with colorful artisanal creations, and get to experience the daily lives of community members as you join them in the countryside to help milk cows, learn more about coffee production, sugar cane, potatoes and flowers – or simply to compete in a traditional game of ‘tejo’. Andes Ecotours specializes in day trips from Bogotá, but can also help to arrange weekend getaways, farmstays and trips to various festivals around the region.


Andes EcoTours has partnered with the non-profit organization, SieChitá, to provide accomodations for international travelers. The guesthouse is located adjacent to our office in the heart of the oldest and most historic neighborhood in Bogotá. There are three rooms available with a shared bathroom, each of which have been decorated to represent a portion of Colombia’s colorful, cultural and natural heritage. All proceeds gained from accommodation help to support SieChitá and its work within the community.


Our ecotours provide visitors with the opportunity to actively experience a wide range of activities, including nature hikes through a diverse array of ecosystems, birding, canoe rides with local fishermen, photography tours, visits to cultural heritage sites, gastronomic immersions, hands-on workshops with local artisans and much more! We can also assist visitors in acquiring various volunteer/internship placements with our partners throughout the region.

Getting There

Most major airlines offer flights to Bogotá.. From the El Dorado airport, visitors have various options for reaching our office and/or the guesthouse in La Candelaria. The best of these for first time visitors, is to wait in the designated taxi line upon exiting the building – this line ensures that you travel with a licensed, yellow taxi. The ride from the airport to La Candelaria is about 40 minutes and costs around US$20. AndesEcoTours can also help to arrange airport pick-up for travelers who prefer to use private transportation.

Making a Difference

Andes EcoTours works to ensure that the tourist’s experience goes far beyond being a simple observer to actively experiencing the land with its people. The communities we work with play a central role in all of our tours, allowing us to pave the way for a holistic visitor experience and better environmental stewardship. One of the ways in which we are making a difference is through our signature tours, a selection of well-thought out plans that have been designed to maximize community involvement and encourage activities that will ultimately lead to long-term sustainability within the region. Andes EcoTours has partnered with local community members, NGOs and other organizations to ensure that our tours leave positive and long-lasting impressions on both visitors and locals alike.

Contact Information

Carerra 3 #13-89, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: (57) 310 559 9729


Webpage (ecotours)

Webpage (guesthouse)


Author: Ecotourism Network

The director of the Ecotourism Network is Stan LeQuire. Contact us

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