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Savannaland | Ghana


Experience West Africa at its best! Escape to a land of crocodiles, elephants and ancient human cultures. Relish a moment away from the hectic, modern world through dining on local cuisines and shopping for the famed local woven cloth of Daboya; or immerse yourself in local culture by celebrating the harvest through the Damba Festival and follow us to Sonyo for the famous rabbit hunt. Savannaland, an indigenous ecotourism destination, will be your guide as they highlight the unique and authentic cultural and natural diversity of northern Ghana. The region contains both the Mole and the Bui National Parks. Savannaland is a one-stop tourism destination offering everything from ideal tourism spots to example itineraries ranging from three to fifteen days.


One of Savannaland’s many services is an effective search tool allowing visitors to choose accommodations from a variety of locations and budgets. Any budget can be accommodated! Savannaland will be happy to help you plan your trip in the following locations: Tamale, Damongo, Bole, Mole National Park, Bui National Park, etc.


Mole National Park is the epicenter of Savannaland travels making it an ideal starting place for your journey. Immerse yourself in wild Africa with a guided safari or walking tour where you will be able to witness the lives of both predator and prey up close and personal. Following your safari adventure, experience the lives of people and cultures that thrives on the bounty nature has to offer, untouched. Visit Mognori, where life is in tune with nature; Kulmasa where the lives of humans and crocodiles share an age long heritage and attachment; Sonyo, for an experience of traditional architecture, an ingenious innovation of ancient persecution and local wars; or retreat to the regional capital, Tamale, where you can visit the Central Mosque, the Chief’s Palace, the Cultural Centre Market or just relax in one of the many Internet cafes or perennial outdoor swimming pools. Still adventurous? Explore untouched diversity of people and cultures in Upper East and Upper West, where an exciting mix of memorable experiences await you.

Getting There

International guests can arrive at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra, Ghana. Kotoka can be reached by many major airlines such as British Airways, Delta, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and many others. From Accra, guests can access additional flights to Tamale via Antrak Air. Ground transport is available through O.A., Imperial, STC etc. Upon arriving in Tamale, easily accessible taxis, buses and car rental services like Eco Journeys will get you to every location within the destination and beyond.

Making a Difference

Savannaland works to ensure that Ghanaian communities are able to participate in and benefit from tourism while still maintaining these natural, cultural and heritage resources. Your tourist dollars go directly back into the community, helping it develop and grow. Savannaland’s vision is to position ecotourism as a leading agent of economic development in northern Ghana. The Savannaland tourism destination has already been recognized in The Ethical Travel Guide 2009, an international travel guide that lists selected tourism projects all over the world that work to ensure that tourism benefits local people.

Contact Information

Savannaland Ghana Tourist Board Northern Regional Office

PO Box TL 1053 Tamale-Ghana Email: Phone: +233-(0)372024835

Web Page


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