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Pacaya Tours | Nicaragua


Centered in one of the most picturesque regions of Nicaragua, the Apoyo Lagoon trail offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The trail was opened by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism and is located only a short drive from either Managua, Nicaragua’s capitol, or Granada, Nicaragua’s tourist hub. The Apoyo Lagoon is bordered by the smoldering Masaya Volcano. A pleasant hike on the trail takes approximately an hour and a half. Concessions and a gift shop are also available.


Visitors can easily find accommodations in this tourist destination. Hotels and hostels are available in Managua and Granada. A few resorts surround the lagoon. Trips to the trail will be a day trip from your hotel. Price per room ranges anywhere from $25 to $125 a night. Camping areas are also available with tents accommodating up to three people. Package tours including food services are also available.


Walking the Apoyo Lagoon trail takes about an hour and a half with a fee of about $6 per per- son. Fifteen tourists per group is recommended. While walking the Apoyo Lagoon trail, there are opportunities to view wildlife such as howler monkeys and squirrels, and tropical flora including 70 species of trees. Several swimming beaches are also available for cooling off after a hot day hiking around the lagoon. The nearby town of Manay is known for its moderate climate and is a village that still engages in traditional practices, such as raising horses and creating artisanal items. One of Nicaragua’s most popular open-air markets is located nearby in Masaya, where Nicaraguan handicrafts can be purchased at exceptionally low prices. Catarina is another nearby town and is one of Nicaragua’s famous traditional towns, where ornamental plants and flowers are grown. Granada, located just four kilometers from the Apoyo Lagoon, is known for its colonial architecture and is the number one destination in Nicaragua for international travelers.

Getting There

About 45 minutes away from Managua, the Pacaya trail is accessible by a modern, paved road. Buses leave every two hours from Managua to Masaya and then on to Apoyo Lagoon. Otherwise, buses are available to Granada and then on to Masaya. Taxis are also available from Granada. Public transportation is available to Diriomito and Pacayita, two small villages situated in the upper northern part of the lagoon. The last bus back from the lagoon leaves around 4:30 pm.

Making a Difference

Pacaya Tours is one of the business development projects of World Vision Nicaragua. World Vision is one of the world’s largest economic development and advocacy organizations. Its Nicaraguan affiliate works to empower children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. All income generated through Pacaya Tours is invested back into the local community. One of the main goals for income generated by this ecotourism project is to provide health care to underweight children in Pacaya.

Contact Information

Kenia Pavon, Guide, Pacaya Tours Comunidad de Pacaya (frente a las Oficinas de ACADISMA)  | Masaya, Nicaragua | (505) 675-9090/670-1961/883-5024


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