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Vanua Rapita Eco-Resort | Solomon Islands


In an area of bountiful reefs and marine life, Vanua Rapita overlooks the peaceful Marovo Lagoon on tiny Michi Island of the Solomon Islands chain. The Marovo Lagoon, a proposed World Heritage site, is the largest island-enclosed lagoon in the world. Author James Michener has called Marovo the eighth wonder of the world. The region is known for an extremely high concentration of coral species and the largest leatherback turtle nesting sites in the Indo-Pacific region. Guests are certain to experience unique and exquisite beauty in this idyllic ecotourism hideaway.


Overall, accommodations are rustic, yet comfortable and clean. There is no electricity or running water. The friendly manager claims to have never seen a television set! Three leaf houses built in local bungalow style overlook the water and provide housing for Vanua Rapita guests. Single, double or twin beds are available. Rates are about US$29 pp per night including all meals. Food, prepared in traditional island styles is served at an informal bar/restaurant on site.


Activities offered on Michi Island include relaxing on the beach, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing, scuba diving and more! The local villagers provide additional cultural activities for guests.

Getting There

Seghe airfield, located on a nearby island, is the closest commercial airport to Vanua Rapita. Solomon Airlines has almost daily flights from Munda, Giza, and Honiara. Guests then travel by motor canoe from Seghe airfield to Michi Island, which is about a 30 minute ride.

Making a Difference

Vanua Rapita Eco-Resort was established, with the assistance of the World Wildlife Fund, to provide sustainable, economic benefits from tourism for the villagers. In this way, logging is a less attractive option. The resort is operated by Michi village. Village members take shifts cooking, cleaning, and bartending and all the income goes the community and local business. The challenges facing the Solomon Islands are not to be underestimated. Endemic poverty and environmental degradation threaten this beautiful archipelago. Ecotourism remains a viable alternative to a bleak future.

Contact Information

Michi Island | Seghe Postal Agency | 677-22-442 (telephone) | 677-23-986 (fax)

Web Page


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